New from Bliss Beningborough

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This fabulous gown is made from swirls of irridescent organza, and if u look closely ,embellished with lots of little feathers.

The dress comes in ruby, jade and gold or Blue and lilac. The outfit comprises of bodice underskirt, skirt attachment, gloves, glove attachments and collar attachment.

The gown costs 850 linden .

You can find Bliss Beningborough at Phat Cats Jazz Club Mall, Velvet, Ariant Mall, Unforgettable Mall and Ariant Mall


Bliss Beningborough

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New Designs by Bliss Beningborough at’ Phat Cat’s Jazz Club Mall

BB Bluebell

Bluebell comes in 7 Colors and costs 650l

BB Phoenix

 Phoenix Comes in 6 colours & costs 500L

BB Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise costs 600L